Creative Tiling Tips to Make Use of Leftover Tile
When you are renovating your interior decoration, you may notice that you have leftover tile when you are finished with a project. This good material doesn’t have to go to waste—there are many helpful tiling tips available so you can use all of your products. If you want to try some of these creative tips for tile usage and add more flare to your home decor, check out the following points.

Tile Table Top

If you have pieces of furniture in your home that need a new look, leftover tile is the perfect material to get the job done. For example, table tops and islands can be a blank canvas for you to get creative and execute your dream accent piece. If you don’t have enough of one tile type to get the job done, you can use multiple styles to create something unique that stands out in the space.

Statement Wall

Looking to make your backsplash pop? Why not incorporate the same tile on an adjacent wall? By doing this, you will complement the colour and the style of your backsplash and make use of your leftover tile. That being said, it is a good idea to plan out your statement wall before you redo your backsplash so that you can incorporate your desired pattern for each piece without running out of a certain type of tile.

Outdoor Shower Backsplash

Another one of our creative tiling tips is to spruce up your shower surrounds with leftover tile, because it is a functional, durable, and beautiful material. The same high-quality, long-lasting material that you would use on your bathroom and kitchen floors and walls can also be used in the outdoors. However, don’t use smooth tile on the floor outdoors as it gets very slippery when wet. Instead, if you have gritty or concrete tiles, those are good options for the floor.

Revamp Your Rental Property

Landlords will really be able to benefit from these creative tips as they help with home improvements at a minimal cost. If you own multiple properties, you can extend the life of your renovation supplies by making good use of materials that are left over. What you’ve used for one home can be used for another. For example, if you used tile for the kitchen backsplash in one home, you can use the leftovers for a smaller backsplash in the bathroom of another home.

Get the Tiles You Need at Tile Clearance Centre

As you can see, there are many ways to deploy your leftover tiles that make good use of your investment and create a striking addition to your home decor. But where can you find tiles that complement your home and are long lasting? You can find all the flooring and tile options you need at Tile Clearance Centre. We also provide a selection of high-quality flooring vinyl, porcelain, and carpet, among a vast array of additional products. 
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