Advantages of Using Carpet Tile Flooring
Whether installed in a home or business, carpet tiles make a great addition. And while broadloom carpeting is the first choice for many, carpet tiles have gained popularity in recent years for a number of reasons. Here are just some of the advantages:

Easy to Install

Residential carpet tiles have become a popular option because of how easy they are to install; all you need is double-sided carpet tape or an adhesive. And if you ever have to remove tiles, you can do this with ease as well. Carpet tiles are also the ideal choice for anyone who is looking to tackle the project themselves, as installing broadloom carpet often requires a professional.

Easy to Maintain

In addition to being easy to remove, these tiles are also simple to maintain. Stains clean up easily and the tiles are made to handle heavy traffic, with the material standing up to everything thrown at them with little to no damage.


With broadloom carpet, the expected lifespan of broadloom carpet is 15 to 20 years, but carpet tiles can last longer due to being treated to resist stains, fungus, mildew, and bacteria. And because of these resistances, they are more suited for those who suffer from allergies or a weakened immune system and businesses looking to cut down on sick days.
Those in the Greater Toronto Area are likely used to having to deal with moisture in their carpets in the winter and spring. Carpet tiles, however, won’t absorb water, making them ideal for high-traffic areas in a home and business.


Broadloom carpet is all one uniform colour, but carpet tiles allow for mixing and matching colors for a unique design, making it a popular choice for children’s bedrooms and man caves. For business owners, these tiles can be designed to match your organization’s logo. The design possibilities are only limited by your imagination!


Most commercial and residential carpet tiles are made from recycled material, making it the obvious choice for home and business owners looking to do their part to help the planet.

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